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MEA PAC Makes Some Early November 2015 Endorsements

At the 4th Quarter 15/16 General Membership Meeting on June 1st the MEA PAC process included a forum featuring a number of Citywide Candidates.  The candidates were asked a number of questions including how they would work with MEA to increase confidence in and support for local government.  The membership also heard a briefing on the reasoning behind MEA’s decision to only weigh in on citywide campaigns at this time.  Upon the membership’s recommendation, the MEA PAC made the following official endorsements.  Such endorsements result in a financial contribution to the campaign.


Office Candidate Recommendation
Mayor Ed Lee* Endorse
District Attorney George Gascon* Endorse
City Attorney Dennis Herrera Endorse
Sheriff Vicki Hennessy* Endorse

*former MEA members

Assuming the MEA PAC determines the measures are relevant to MEA’s mission and membership, a second meeting will be scheduled in September to review ballot measures and make endorsements as determined by the PAC in consultation with the membership.

Bargaining Underway for a New MEA Agreement Covering Court Managers

Negotiations have begun at the Superior Court for a successor agreement to the 2012-2015 MEA agreement which expires on June 30th.  This coincides with renewed discussions at the

state level about court funding and its place within the larger budget.  MEA has been making sure legislators and other stakeholders understand that the current Court funding model undervalues many of the labor-intensive and collaborative services provided in San Francisco and rewards more traditional revolving door filings.  For more information on this issue, you can visit  Court bargaining begins on June 16th.

Civil Service Commission Adopts Expanded Leave Rights Requested by MEA

In 2012 and 2014 contract negotiations, MEA and the City both made proposals in an attempt to clarify the application of the Sick Leave Ordinance (12W) covering employers doing business in the City and County to CCSF employees.  MEA was particularly interested in harmonizing the two benefits and ensuring that CCSF employees were receiving at least those terms applicable under 12W.  In 2012, MEA agreed to waive the applicability of 12W in exchange for aligning the accrual start date.  That alignment never took place.  In 2014, MEA agreed to waive the applicability of 12W and the City agreed to support the accrual date alignment and an expanded definition of “family members” sought in response to feedback from MEA members.  In late 2014 MEA began working with the Civil Service Commission staff to try and achieve these changes.  The process was interrupted by staffing changes at the Commission, but has now concluded and the Commission has implemented an earlier accrual start date and expanded the definition of “qualifying” family members for purposes of sick leave use.  In addition to thanking the Commission, MEA would like to acknowledge both former Executive Officer Jennifer Johnston and current Executive Officer Michael Brown for their efforts on this important issue.


FINAL NOTICE: Furloughs Negotiated in 2010 Set to Expire on June 30, 2015

The 2010-2012 MOU included a wage concession in exchange for twelve (12) furlough days per year.  Subsequent agreements extended the ability to use all floating holidays accrued through June 30, 2013 until June 30, 2015.  Please make sure you schedule and use any remaining pre 13-14 floating holidays and/or furlough days prior to June 30, 2015. You retain the ability to carry over up to five (5) standard floating holidays each year per the current MOU.  Feel free to call MEA with any questions.