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 CCSF Leadership Development Program Brochure-Spring 2015


2015 MFAC Good Government Awards Again Recognize City Managers

The 35th annual Good Government Award recipients have been announced by SPUR and, as usual, they include a wide cross-section of MEA members.  The 2015 Public Managerial Excellence Award individual winners are:  Colleen Chawla, Deputy Director at DPH, Jimmy Chiu, Infrastructure Program Director at SFO, Paula Kehoe, Water Resources Division Manager at PUC.  Team winners are the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal Team, Port of San Francisco (John Doll, John Davey, Peter Dailey, Elaine Forbes and Meghan Wallace) and the Family Violence Prevention Team at the Child Support Services Department (Freda Randolph Glenn, Stephanie Martin, and Thomas Wolf).  MEA represented managers are noted in boldface print.  We congratulate all the honorees and thank them for their invaluable contribution to the City.


SFERS Board Makes Difficult Investment Decision

On February 11, the SF Employee Retirement System (SFERS) Board voted 6-1 to make a 5% allocation to alternative investments (aka Hedge Funds.)  Although there was substantial debate and strong opposition from most of the speakers, the Board concluded that data showed such investments were widely successful in mitigating losses during the 2008 downturn.  Because the current bull market is now among the longest in history, and the risk of another downturn is significant in terms of taxpayer and employee exposure, MEA joined other groups in urging the Board to act upon the advice of professional staff.  Because SFERS has a lengthy track record of solid performance, integrity and responsiveness to social concerns, we are optimistic that they will implement this investment option with a focus on protecting benefits and being socially conscious.


URGENT: Furloughs Negotiated in 2010 Set to Expire on June 30, 2015

The 2010-2012 MOU included a wage concession in exchange for twelve (12) furlough days per year.  Subsequent agreements extended the ability to use all floating holidays accrued through June 30, 2013 until June 30, 2015.  Please make sure you schedule and use any remaining pre 13-14 floating holidays and/or furlough days prior to June 30, 2015. You retain the ability to carry over up to five (5) standard floating holidays each year per the current MOU.  Feel free to call MEA with any questions.


HSS Board Election:  MEA Board Member Wilfredo (Willie) Lim Unopposed

In nominations that closed on February 9th, MEA Board Member Willie Lim was the only candidate who filed to run for the Health Service System (HSS) Board. The seat is currently held by Willie who will serve another 5-year term.  He was promptly elected Vice President at the February 12th meeting.  The MEA Board, along with his former colleagues at IFPTE Local 21, fully endorse his continued service at HSS.  Willie has been tireless in his dedication to protecting benefits, keeping costs down and maintaining competition and choice for participants.  His financial expertise allows him to play an important role in budget issues for the department and he is widely respected among his colleagues citywide.  MEA is lucky to have his insight and subject matter expertise in this important arena.

Note:  As a general rule, union dues are tax deductible.  Don’t forget to inform your tax preparer that you pay $910 annually in dues to the Municipal Executives Association.