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MEA Elections Underway:  Nomination Process and Timeline

Per the MEA By-Laws adopted June 20, 2011, Section 12.B, the Associations’ Nominating Committee has prepared the following list of nominees for the elective offices of the Association effective 2014-2018.  This list must be distributed at least thirty (30) days prior to the first quarter general membership meeting of the fiscal year which is set for September 15, 2014.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor by members of the Association during the first quarter general membership meeting of the fiscal year.  To be eligible for election such nominations must be accompanied by a petition of support signed by at least 50 active members.  The Board of Directors and Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the Regular members in Good Standing present at the second quarter general membership meeting of the fiscal year and those elected shall be installed at that same meeting.

Report of the 2014 MEA Nominating Committee


Ms. Martha Knutzen

Manager of Legal Operations

SF District Attorney’s Office

Mr. Crispin Hollings

Director of Financial Planning

SF Public Utilities Commission

Ms. Luenna Kim

Human Resources Manager

Human Services Agency

Mr. Wilfredo Lim

Accounting Manager

Department of Public Health

Ms. Cathy Widener

Governmental Affairs Manager

SF International Airport

Term:  Four Years – 2nd Quarter MEA General Membership Meeting 2014 through 2nd Quarter MEA General Membership Meeting 2018

2014 MEA Nominating Committee:  Ms. Jean Caramatti, Ms. Lisa Ghotbi (replacing Ms. Rosemary Passantino) and Mr. Toye Moses.  Signed original report on file at the MEA Offices.  Continuing Board Members are Vice President David German (DT) and Members-at-Large Warren Cole (MTA), Mark Culkins (Courts) and Jocelyn Quintos (Controller).  If you are interested in serving on the MEA Board in the future, please send an email to so your name can be provided to the Board when vacancies arise.

Health Service System to Open at 9:30am Every Other Thursday

The Health Service System (HSS) administers health benefits for employees, retirees and their families. To better serve its members, the Health Service System call center and walk-in office will open at 9:30am every other Thursday, beginning July 10, 2014. This delayed opening allows the Health Service System to provide staff with team training. It’s part of a commitment to providing employee and retiree members with the best service and most up-to-date information about health and wellness benefits. For details, including an annual calendar of delayed opening dates, visit the HSS website www.myhss.orgExcept for the delayed opening at 9:30am every other Thursday, HSS will continue its regular weekday schedule of service from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 

New Vision Care Benefit Available to MEA members as of July 1, 2014

Between 50% and 90% of people who work at a computer screen have symptoms of eye trouble, and, with the number of hours being spent on mobile devices, eye strain and other eye problems are expected to increase. The most common office-related complaint, Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS, is a condition that develops from spending hours on computers and digital devices. Many people aren’t aware they’re experiencing CVS, which includes a wide range of symptoms such as:

• neck and shoulder pain • irritated eyes • headaches • blurred or double vision • fatigue • loss of focus

With VSP’s Computer VisionCare, you have access to a comprehensive eye exam that can detect eye health issues, such as CVS, as well as eyewear specifically designed for doing computer work, or using digital devices. Computer glasses help sharpen contrast and reduce glare, leading to reduced eyestrain and fatigue. Your prescription for computer glasses will be different from other prescription glasses. The benefit provides:

Computer Vision Exam • Evaluation of need related to computer use • $0 Copay • Frequency: Every 12 months

Frame • $75 allowance for a wide selection of frames • $95 allowance for featured frame brands • 20% off amount over your allowance •$0 Copay • Frequency: Every 24 months

Lenses • Single vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal, and occupational lenses • $0 Copay • Frequency: Every 12 months

Visit or call 800.877.7195 to take advantage of your Computer VisionCare coverage today.

MEA Police and MEA Fire Ratify MOU Amendments through 2018

In voting recently concluded, the MEA-represented Command Staff at the San Francisco Police and Fire Departments, ratified extensions to their existing MOU’s that will run through FY 2018.   The agreements mirror those reached earlier this year by the POA and L798.

MEA Co-Sponsors Public Sector Management Roundtable

On June 23, 2014, MEA joined Carroll Burdick and McDonough in sponsoring a roundtable discussion for Northern California managers’ associations.  Along with public sector managers from Folsom, Santa Cruz, Redwood City, Marin County, Sunnyvale and Sacramento.  MEA Board members discussed various areas of shared interest including ongoing pension and retiree health care challenges and contract negotiations in an improving economic climate.  San Francisco and Sacramento reported on their recently negotiated agreements.

The group expressed an interest in further coordination and collaboration and a follow up session is planned.  In the meantime, work is underway to develop a number of important resources including a statewide roster of management groups, an MOU database and, most importantly, comp data that is essential in preparing for negotiations.