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 December 2014 Employee Wellness Newsletter


Membership Meeting Affirms Recommendations of MEA MCCP B&C Working Group

At a meeting held on November 17th, the MEA MCCP B&C Working Group presented a number of recommendations developed over the last three months.  The group sought over six meetings to operationalize new MOU language negotiated in 2014 which seeks to increase transparency and access to the MCCP (MTAM) B&C process.  Among the recommendations that will now be the subject of discussions between MEA, DHR, MTA and the Controller’s Office:


  • Notification of timeline and criteria to all eligible employees
  • Data on all submissions provided to MEA


  • Minimum and maximum allocation standards
  • Ability to self-nominate for consideration
  • No allocations in consecutive years


  • Program funding included in base budget figures
  • Specific focus on retention and internal equity for ongoing adjustments
  • Supplemental fund for smaller departments

The working group will be meeting with the City and MTA shortly to ensure that whatever modifications are agreed to can be implemented in time for the relaunch in FY 15-16.


Controller Releases New Public Data on Employee Compensation

The Office of the Controller has released an update to the interactive website for viewing budget and actual data at the SFOpenBook transparency portal ( compensation data is now available on SFOpenBook as a new standalone report showing employee level data. This is in addition to the summary-level salary and benefit data available in both the Budget and Spending and Revenue reports. This allows users to view the regular, overtime, and other salaries, as well as city-paid benefits earned by city employees.


Employee compensation is shown by employee but without names (each row represents one employee but only job title and code are displayed). Department, job family, and union are available as optional report columns. The data can be filtered by department, job family, union, or job and is available starting with fiscal and calendar years 2013. To protect confidentiality as legally required, pro-rated citywide averages are presented in lieu of employee-specific health and dental benefits.

To find the employee compensation information, visit and click the Employee Compensation icon.

MEA Board Votes to Replenish Funding in Political Action Committee

In 2004 the MEA membership approved the development of a Political Action Committee (PAC).  A PAC is the legal mechanism that allows unions, other employee organizations, and other types of non-profit organizations to contribute to political campaigns. Contributions can be made to individual candidates, and some ballot propositions at both the City and State levels. The Board of Directors was designated to act as the PAC and has done so since that time, allocating PAC funds to various candidates and initiatives, including numerous elections over the last seven years dealing with health care and retirement benefits.  The Board of Directors continues to believe it is critical that MEA have an official mechanism to make precise, policy-based endorsements and contributions on a case by case basis.


At its regular monthly meeting of October 8, 2014 the MEA Board of Directors determined that there was a need to replenish the MEA Political Action Committee which was last funded in 2012. At the meeting it was moved, seconded and carried to redirect $3.00 per member per pay period into the PAC for eight (8) pay periods starting in November of 2014.  This action will ensure that MEA continues to have the resources available to participate fully in the electoral process that is central to the ongoing discourse about the scope and role of public services and the value and dignity of public employees. This PAC contribution, like those in the past, will be funded out of current dues collections rather than one-time or ongoing assessments.


2015 Payroll Skip Notice for MEA Issued by HSS

There will be a one-time skipped payroll deduction on January 13, 2015 for employee premium contributions to the following benefits. There will not be any break in coverage as a result of the skip. If you have chosen to enroll in any of these benefits, the first 2015 premium deductions will be taken from paychecks issued on January 27, 2015.

  • Medical Plan • Dental Plan
  • Universal Life Insurance • Short-Term Disability
  • Cancer Insurance • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Heart and Stroke Insurance • Pet Insurance
  • Accident Insurance • Group Legal Plan
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance • Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance


In 2015, the Health Service System (HSS) is changing from a pay-in-advance to a pay-as-you-go premium deduction calendar. Please note the following one-time changes to your 2015 payroll deduction schedule.

If your contributions for 2015 flex benefit choices cost less than your flex credit dollars, you receive the balance in your paycheck as taxable, non-pensionable, bi-weekly earnings. Because of the transition to the pay-as-you-go deduction calendar, there will be no flex credit earnings in Municipal Executive paychecks issued on January 13, 2015. The first flex credit earnings for 2015 will be in the paychecks issued on January 27, 2015.


If you enrolled in a 2015 Flexible Spending Account (FSA), there is no skip in 2015. FSA payroll deductions begin on January 13, 2015.

  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you have questions about this notice, contact HSS Member Services at (415) 554-1750.