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City Launches Wellness Initiative – Managers Play Key Role – Leadership Role in Wellness

This fall the City will launch a City-wide Wellness Program to support employee well-being.  The program is designed to enhance quality of life, improve morale, reduce worker injuries and help contain healthcare costs.  The plan is the result of two years of collaboration between HSS, DHR, the Controller’s Office, the Mayor’s Office and the Public Employees Committee (PEC).  Starting in 2012 when a number of unions proposed alternatives to cost-shifting of health care premiums, the discussion about how to actually improve health and translate that improvement into lower costs – for employees, the City and taxpayers – has been ongoing.  In September the program is launching for all employees and MEA members are key to its success.  Numerous studies confirm that leadership involvement in wellness programs is among the most powerful indicators of potential success.  Leaders are asked to support the program in these five key areas:

1.      Align Wellness Goals with Business Goals

2.      Walk the Talk

3.      Support your Champions*

4.      Remove Barriers

5.      Recognize Well-Being

There is no doubt that your commitment to, and participation in, this program is absolutely critical if we are to succeed in our shared goal of increasing workplace well-being. The importance of workplace wellness and the role of the manager in its successful launch is outlined more fully at our website HSS’s Wellness Team is available to answer questions, present at your location, and discuss ways you can have an impact on creating a culture of wellness. Each quarter, the Wellness Team will provide resources to help managers support the current wellness initiatives in the five key areas. Contact Stephanie Fisher, Wellness Manager 415-554-0650 or email

*Champions are the employees within each department charged with planning and promoting wellness activities and initiatives.

Court Managers Continue to Advocate for a Wage Increase

Despite an improving economy and over $15 million in reserves, the SF Superior Court has rejected MEA’s proposal for a wage increase during negotiations taking place as a result of a 2014 wage reopener in the 2012-2015 MOU.  Both MEA and the Court had hoped the State Budget would include increased funding for Court operations, but ultimately that did not happen.  The Court, however, does have access to significant reserves that, under the newest Judicial Council budgeting model, must either be spent or forfeited.  The “spend-down” plan includes much needed deferred maintenance, IT upgrades and pre-funding of retiree healthcare benefits, all of which have widespread support among MEA members.  What is harder to support is the unwillingness of the Court to allocate some small portion of the savings towards employee compensation.  The Court employees, like other public employees throughout the City are still trying to regain ground lost as a result of stagnant wages, unpaid furlough days and increased pension contributions.  

Retirement Board Election

The term of one of the three elected members of the San Francisco Retirement System Board is set to expire on February 20, 2015.  Any active or retired member of the Retirement System is eligible to run.  Candidates must be nominated in writing – on an official nomination form – by at least twenty (20) individuals who are members of the Retirement System.  The nomination period runs from Monday, August 25 through Friday, September 19, 2014.  Nomination forms are available from MEA or by contacting Norm Nickens at (415) 487-7025.  Ballots will be sent out by the Department of Elections by December 22, 2014 and voting will take place January 19-30, 2015.  All active and retired members of the Retirement System are eligible to vote.  Election results will be available by February 4 and the successful candidate will begin his or her five-year term on February 20, 2015.

MEA Elections Underway:  Nomination Process and Timeline

Per the MEA By-Laws adopted June 20, 2011, Section 12.B, the Associations’ Nominating Committee has prepared the following list of nominees for the elective offices of the Association effective 2014-2018.  This list must be distributed at least thirty (30) days prior to the first quarter general membership meeting of the fiscal year which is set for September 15, 2014.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor by members of the Association during the first quarter general membership meeting of the fiscal year.  To be eligible for election such nominations must be accompanied by a petition of support signed by at least 50 active members.  The Board of Directors and Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the Regular members in Good Standing present at the second quarter general membership meeting of the fiscal year and those elected shall be installed at that same meeting.

Report of the 2014 MEA Nominating Committee


Ms. Martha KnutzenManager of Legal OperationsSF District Attorney’s Office Mr. Crispin HollingsDirector of Financial PlanningSF Public Utilities Commission
Ms. Luenna KimHuman Resources ManagerHuman Services Agency Mr. Wilfredo LimAccounting ManagerDepartment of Public Health
Ms. Cathy WidenerGovernmental Affairs ManagerSF International Airport Term:  Four Years – 2nd Quarter MEA General Membership Meeting 2014 through 2nd Quarter MEA General Membership Meeting 2018

2014 MEA Nominating Committee:  Ms. Jean Caramatti, Ms. Lisa Ghotbi (replacing Ms. Rosemary Passantino) and Mr. Toye Moses.  Signed original report on file at the MEA Offices.  Continuing Board Members are Vice President David German (DT) and Members-at-Large Warren Cole (MTA), Mark Culkins (Courts) and Jocelyn Quintos (Controller).  If you are interested in serving on the MEA Board in the future, please send an email to so your name can be provided to the Board when vacancies arise.